1. Ph.D. Student Position in Optical Coherence Tomography at University of Basel in Switzerland

    Ph.D. Student Position in Optical Coherence Tomography at University of Basel in Switzerland

    The Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) has recently been awarded a Flagship project from the Werner Siemens Foundation (Zug/Switzerland). The principal aim of this interdisciplinary project called Minimally Invasive Robot Assisted Computer-guided LaserosteotomE (MIRACLE) is the development of a minimally invasive robotic endoscope for cutting bone with laser light.  The successful PhD candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary team of biomedical engineers, mechatronics engineers, computer scientists, physicists, and medical doctors. He or she will be able to contribute to the development of a disruptive technology in robotic surgery.

    Topic Description
    In this project, the Ph.D. candidate will be developing an optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for smart medical laser. To develop this OCT system we will investigate how to characterize bone and tissue during laser cutting and monitor cutting depth in real time. 
    Aim is to build an OCT system that monitors in real-time the cutting depth and changes in bone and/or tissue properties (e.g. mechanical, thermal) during the laser cutting.

    Your profile

    • University Master degree in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Physics or closely related fields.
    • Excellent Master's and Bachelor's grades.
    • Ability to assemble optical, electrical and mechanical instruments.
    • Programming skills (e.g. C++, MATLAB or Labview).
    • Experience in building OCT system (e.g. Swept Source or Spectral Domain) is desirable.
    • Experience in functional OCT (e.g. elastography OCT, Doppler OCT) is a plus.
    • Experience in CUDA or GPU parallel computing is a plus.
    • Applicants are expected to have excellent language skills in English.

    We offer you

    • Opportunity to work in a highly innovative Flagship project with up to 30 researchers.
    • Enrolment in an established 3-4 years PhD program in Biomedical Engineering (in English)
    • The salary is very competitive by international standards and will be according to the guidelines of the University of Basel. Five weeks of Holidays per year, 42 working hours per week.
    • Basel is a city on the Rhine River in northwest of Switzerland. Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet.

    Application / Contact
    Applicants are requested to submit their documentation electronically as a single PDF file by email with the subject  "PhD Student Application: OCT".  This document should include your letter of motivation, CV with publication list and other academic information, Bachelor and Master transcripts, TOEFL and/or IETLS scores if available as well as the full address/phone number/email of up to three references.

    For applications and questions please contact Prof. Dr. Azhar Zam (azhar.zam@unibas.ch).


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