1. Optical coherence tomography predicts 4-year incident diabetic neuropathy

    Optical coherence tomography predicts 4-year incident diabetic neuropathy

    Purpose To examine the capability of optical coherence tomography-derived retinal thickness measures in detecting 4-year incident diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Methods 145 eyes of 145 participants with diabetes but no DPN at baseline were examined for incident DPN. HbA 1c levels, nephropathy, neuropathy (DPN), cardiovascular measures, and various retinal thickness measures were examined at baseline and after 4 years. Incidence of DPN was defined as newly developed DPN at follow-up. Baseline factors were assessed by univariate and a step-wise multiple logistic regression, and the predictors were examined for diagnostic capabilities. Results Of the 145 participants without DPN at baseline, 51 ...

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