1. Axsun Hopes to Break Into the 3D Printing Market | 3D Print Plan

    Axsun Hopes to Break Into the 3D Printing Market | 3D Print Plan

    Axsun is a 100-person Boston-based company that specializes in “advanced photonics”, a science involving light and microscopic devices. Their technology uses “Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)” in a way that could benefit 3D print operations. This technology is well-established in the medical community, where it is used to capture highly detailed images of sub-surface structures in transparent or translucent materials. Normally, this is used to “see” into patients for medical diagnoses. Specialized lasers provide the imaging through materials. However, the theory is that it could also be used in 3D printing. Axsun’s proposition is that this technology could be added ...

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