1. HS-UK to host Ophthalmic Ultrasound & OCT-A Course

    HS-UK to host Ophthalmic Ultrasound & OCT-A Course

    Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard optometry and ophthalmic equipment, is delighted to confirm that it will be hosting an Ophthalmic Ultrasound & OCT Course at Crewe Hall, Cheshire on Wednesday 28th June, 2017. The course is aimed at those working with ophthalmic ultrasound in their daily practice, and will cover both A-scans and B-scans, including how to capture them. Lectures will describe some of the common conditions observed using ultrasound, such as; retinal detachments & tears, vitreous haemorrhages & detachments and optic disc drusen & other dot lesions. The day will also include a lecture covering the detection of ...

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