1. Mechanical Design Engineer Opening at Optovue

    Mechanical Design Engineer Opening at Optovue




    TheMechanical Engineer role provides an opportunity to work with a highly cross-functional group of scientists and engineers to contribute towards next generation products in the field of ophthalmic imaging. The candidate will lead mechanical and opto-mechanical aspects of the sub-systems design in new product development as well as sustaining engineering projects. Strong verbal and written communications skills are essential, and you must be able to multitask and work effectively at all levels in a fluid environment.

    Interested candidates please contact: sarika_gulhar@optovue.com  and/or renata_bartula@optovue.com.


    • Design of machines, mechanism, machined, sheet-metal, die casting and injection molding parts.
    • Mounting of mechanical components and design of tooling for sub-assemblies.
    • Work with optical, systems and electrical engineers to design optical and mechanical sub-assemblies.
    • Support designs with hand calculations and analysis, as required. 
    • Support analysis with machine design calculations, structured analysis and FEA.
    • Assemble and check fit of design during prototype and pre-release. Attention to details is required to identify potential technical risks.
    • Hands on position, with specific long term tasks that are scheduled.  There will also be unscheduled or newly scheduled tasks to complete.
    • Small mechanism design experience, gears, belts, bearings, motor, and others.
    • Use Pro/E Creo and Windchill PLM for design and documentation.
    • Working with other Engineers and designers, design and detail mechanical systems and assemblies.
    • Maintain some top level assemblies throughout the design, documentation and release to manufacturing process


    • Education: BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering, MS is a plus or equivalent experience.
    • Experience: Strong background in mechanical design (5+ years).
    • Strong skills in 3D modeling of sub-systems in new product design. This includes part and assembly modeling, detail drawing, tools design for assembly.
    • Experience with Windchill PLM is a plus.
    • Experience with opto-mechanical systems is a plus.
    • Experience with OCT systems is a plus.
    • Experience in materials selection, materials properties and metals finishes.
    • A self-motivated team player who is adaptable and comfortable working in a dynamic, high-paced environment.
    • High level of attention to detail.


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