1. Postdoctoral Position in Triangulated Optical Coherence Tomography at National Research Council Canada

    Postdoctoral Position in Triangulated Optical Coherence Tomography at National Research Council Canada


    Location: Ottawa, ON and Boucherville, QC

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging technique that captures volumetric images of a scattering medium. Because of its interferometric nature, it is robust to local variations of light intensities and only requires a direct line of sight. Triangulation-based 3D imaging (laser scanning or structured-light systems), on the other hand, can perform fast surface measurements on large working volumes but requires two lines of sight. A hybrid technology would allow fast acquisition speed, large coverage, and capability of inspecting hard-to-reach surfaces. We thus seek a postdoctoral fellow (PDF) to lead the development of this hybrid technology that will enable the inspection of large and/or complex components, thus opening new doors for online inspection in modern manufacturing processes. The project will be a joint effort between teams located in Ottawa and Boucherville. The candidate could therefore choose to be located in either of those two locations and to travel periodically to the other.

    Education: A degree in physics, engineering physics, computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a related discipline is required for the position. We expect a candidate with relevant background in applied mathematics and optical imaging, a demonstrated interest for experimental work, and good programming skills.

    Language requirements: English or French

    Applications mush be submitted by April 23, 2017 on this LINK (select Triangulated Optical Coherence Tomography project). For any information, please contact Guy Lamouche at guy.lamouche@cnrc-nrc.gc.ca.

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