1. Retinal SD-OCT image-based pituitary tumor screening

    Retinal SD-OCT image-based pituitary tumor screening

    In most cases, the pituitary tumor compresses optic chiasma and causes optic nerves atrophy, which will reflect in retina. In this paper, an Adaboost classification based method is first proposed to screen pituitary tumor from retinal spectral- domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) image. The method includes four parts: pre-processing, feature extraction and selection, training and testing. First, in the pre-processing step, the retinal OCT image is segmented into 10 layers and the first 5 layers are extracted as our volume of interest (VOI). Second, 19 textural and spatial features are extracted from the VOI. Principal component analysis (PCA) is utilized ...

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