1. The Evolution of Spectral Domain OCT

    The Evolution of Spectral Domain OCT
    Speed, detail and precision make SDOCT the new gold standard. The FDA approved the first spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SDOCT) system in 2006,1 and four others soon followed. In the past year, two more devices reached the market, for a total of seven SDOCT options. SDOCT, sometimes called Fourier-domain or high-definition OCT, is faster, more detailed and more accurate than time domain OCT. These clinical advantages have made it the gold standard for OCT imaging, and advances in software, networking and device integration promise
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    1. The real advantage of SDOCT is scanning speed.
    2. Time domain is slow, and it's not clear how images are related positionally, except in the appearance of the macula.
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