1. Macro-scale OCT heralds new industrial uses for the technique

    Macro-scale OCT heralds new industrial uses for the technique

    MIT project achieves 3D OCT over cubic-meter volumes. OCT on a bicycle: imaging cubic-meter volumes The value of optical coherence tomography (OCT) as a technique for micrometer-resolution sub-surface imaging is well established, with new applications now being added to its existing success in ophthalmology and medicine. Its imaging range has usually been restricted to a few centimeters, however, inevitably placing a limit on some of the potential uses for it that developers can envisage. A project group under OCT-pioneer James Fujimoto at MIT , and including industrial participants Thorlabs , has now drastically boosted that limit, and demonstrated 3D imaging over cubic-meter ...

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    1. The development of OCT in the early 1990s greatly benefited from components and methods used in fiber-optical communications...And still, 25 years later, advances in the optical communications industry continue to greatly benefit OCT.
    2. Research by our group at MIT and our collaborators at Praevium Research and Thorlabs indicated that the coherence length of the VCSEL source was orders of magnitude longer than other swept laser technologies suitable for OCT, which suggested the possibility of long-range OCT imaging.
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