1. Wasatch Photonics MicroAngio, 2017 Prism Award Finalist

    Wasatch Photonics MicroAngio, 2017 Prism Award Finalist

    Wasatch Photonics Inc., a leading provider for gratings, spectrometers and optical coherence tomography instrumentation, is pleased to announce its new 3D MicroAngio technology has been selected as a Prism Award Finalist in the highly competitive Biomedical Instrumentation category. WP MicroAngio was created for high-resolution angiographic imaging for research and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. Unlike other OCT angiography systems, the WP MicroAngio offers custom probe designs for each specific application, such as retina, brain or skin, for the highest quality images. WP software drives the system and provides both 3D images and one-click options for sampling, processing and motion correction for optimal results.

    “MicroAngio stems from our legacy of technology-driven innovation, and our commitment to working with our customers to provide novel, applications-driven solutions,” said Dr. David Creasey, President at Wasatch Photonics. “We are delighted that it has been selected by the Prism Awards judges team, and we also salute EyeQue and RapidBiosensor for their achievement in this category.”

    MicroAngio technology allows visualization of blood vessels at microscopic level without using external contrast agents. The device, based on a variation of optical coherence tomography (OCT), creates a three-dimensional profile of the micro-vasculature. WP MicroAngio is designed to be used for medical research applications related to animal model imaging in ophthalmology, dermatology, oncology and other areas.

    Using the MicroAngio technique provides an advantage over existing techniques as it does not require injection of external contrast agents that can interfere with the physiology of the sample. In addition, this new technique provides 3D localized information compared to the 2D data obtained from most other existing techniques.

    Wasatch Photonics offers the best in 3D imaging products. Talk to the MicroAngio team during the 2017 Photonics West Conference and Bios expo in San Francisco, CA. For immediate information, contact the Wasatch Photonics Systems Division: oct@wasatchphotonics.com or by phone: 919-544-7785 .

    About Wasatch Photonics Inc.

    Founded in 2000, Wasatch Photonics Inc . designs, manufactures and markets high-performance Raman spectrometers, Optical Coherence Tomography systems, enhanced holographic optics for optical networking, spectroscopy, test and measurement, and medical imaging applications. Their high-performance Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) gratings and optical elements are used in a diverse set of industries, including those in the defense and security, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, education, computer, and electronics markets. Their products are based on proprietary holographic recording media and high-throughput Dickson grating technologies. For more information on Wasatch or any of their products, visit the website .

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