1. PhD Position is Available in Don Miller’s Laboratory on Advanced Ophthalmic Imaging at Indiana University

    PhD Position is Available in Don Miller’s Laboratory on Advanced Ophthalmic Imaging at Indiana University

    A PhD student position is available in Don Miller’s laboratory on advanced ophthalmic imaging at Indiana University (www.opt.indiana.edu/dtmiller/Index.aspx). The laboratory is looking for a highly motivated student in optics, bioengineering, physics, computer science, or a related discipline to develop cutting edge optical instrumentation and software to conduct vision research. The student could also have a background in biological or medical vision who wants to use the laboratory’s sophisticated optical systems to study anatomical structures and physiological processes associated with normal and pathological vision. The lab’s primary focus is on the development and use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and adaptive optics for high-resolution retinal imaging.

    The student position is part of the IU Vision Science Graduate Program. The Program includes a highly active group of multidisciplinary vision scientists, mostly from within the School of Optometry but also from Neuroscience, Psychology, Brain Science, and Biology. Research areas include imaging, optics, neuroscience, visual development, visual psychophysics, biology and biophysics, and involve both basic science and translational studies. Students are supported through a combination of grants and teaching activities.

    Application information can be found at www.optometry.iu.edu/admissions/apply/phd.shtml. A description of the PhD program is available at www.optometry.iu.edu/academics/degrees/phd.shtml. To inquire about the opening advertised here, please contact Don Miller (dtmiller@indiana.edu).

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