1. Post-Doc Position in the UC Davis EyePod - Small Animal Retinal Imaging Laboratory at University of California, Davis

    Post-Doc Position in the UC Davis EyePod - Small Animal Retinal Imaging Laboratory at University of California, Davis

    Applications are invited for post-doctoral researcher position in the field of Biomedical Imaging at UC Davis EyePod Small Animal Imaging Laboratory. The broad interest of our research group focuses on development of new in vivo cellular resolution multimodal retinal imaging instruments as well as novel data processing and analysis tools. The ideal candidate should have previous experience with retinal/microscopic imaging systems, including one of the following: adaptive optics (AO), OCT, SLO, multispectral imaging, fluorescence, etc. Basic knowledge of a programming language (e.g. C++, LabView, Matlab or Python) for maintaining of image acquisition and processing software is essential. Prior experience with animal handling is not required but successful candidate is expected to be motivated to learn how to handle mice.

    The position is funded for one year, renewable on a yearly basis given adequate progress. Preference will be given to a relatively recent Ph.D. who wishes to collaborate on existing projects while pursuing a path toward an independent career. Postdoc will be supervised by Dr. Robert J. Zawadzki in collaboration with Prof. Edward N. Pugh Jr. The laboratory has close affiliations with the Center for Visual Science (http://cvs.ucdavis.edu). UC Davis has a large, active community of ~45 NIH-funded vision scientists with interests ranging from molecular to clinical issues.

    Davis is a friendly, safe college town close to the cultural attractions of San Francisco and the recreational attractions of the Napa Valley, Sierra-Nevada Range and Pacific coast beaches.

    A Ph.D. or comparable advanced degree in any area is required. US citizenship is not required. We value intellectual, ethnic and geographic diversity. Minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

    This is immediate opening with starting date depending on visa processing time, if needed. Salary is based on experience and follows University of California guidelines.

    An application requires a CV, reprints/preprints and the names of 3 references. Inquires by e-mail (rjzawadzki@ucdavis.edu) are welcome before formal application.

    Robert J. Zawadzki

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