1. Postdoctoral Associate: Biophotonics and Computer Vision Stanford University, Stanford, CA

    Postdoctoral Associate: Biophotonics and Computer Vision Stanford University, Stanford, CA

    The Stanford Biomedical Optics Group (http://sbo.stanford.edu), in close collaboration with clinical researchers in the School of Medicine (urology), seeks highly motivated postdoctoral candidates with excellent computer programming and image processing skills along with a good background in optics, microscopy or medical imaging and interest or experience in computer vision. Stanford University provides an outstanding environment for solid technical research with clinical impact. Applicants will work closely with clinical collaborators and will spend a significant amount of time observing and guiding clinical research activities while working on a heavily computer vision programming-oriented research project. Time permitting, candidate may additionally participate in active research in the following areas: optical coherence tomography, endoscopic probe development, and spectroscopy. Review of applications is ongoing. START DATE: Immediate. TERM: 12-months with possibility to renew contingent on adequate performance.

    Applicants should have received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Biophysics, Physics / Applied Physics, Optics, Biophotonics or a similar discipline within the last several years. Applicants will be expected to conduct research activities in a timely manner; research and apply new knowledge of advanced computer vision algorithms; assist with experimental design and workflow; perform, troubleshoot, analyze and publish studies; and contribute to securing new sources of funding. Expertise in the design, construction and operation of working, optical systems preferred (i.e., singular experience with commercial instruments will be deemed insufficient). Advanced programming skills in Python, C, Matlab, LabView and/or Visual C++ (or similar languages) are required. The candidate should have excellent English speaking and writing skills and be willing to work cooperatively in teams.

    To apply, please send an electronic cover letter to Dr. Audrey Bowden (audrey@ee.stanford.edu) with “Postdoctoral Application” in the subject line. Upon submission, you will be asked to complete a formal application as well as send your CV (including GPAs) and references.

    Audrey K. Bowden

    Department of Electrical Engineering

    Stanford University,

    Stanford, CA

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