1. OSA Centennial Snapshots: OCT and the Flowering of Biophotonics

    OSA Centennial Snapshots: OCT and the Flowering of Biophotonics

    The birth, commercialization and ultimate impact of OCT stand out as landmark accomplishments even amid the abundant advances in biophotonics during the 1980s and 1990s. Twenty-five years ago this month, the editors of Science accepted for publication a research paper titled “Optical Coherence Tomography.” That three-word phrase (and its punchier abbreviation, OCT) heralded a revolution in ophthalmology—one that would spawn a billion-dollar-a-year market, and affect millions of people. 

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    1. Today, interdisciplinary research in biomedical optics is the standard. “And that was less common 25 years ago. A lot of innovation happens at the boundaries of disciplines. OCT is such a rich combination of disciplines—in optics, mechanical systems, electronics, software, medical devices, clinical medicine. That’s one of the reasons there’s been so much innovation in OCT, and that there’s so much more to come.
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