1. Image Processing Research Fellow/Programmer Position at Doheny Eye Institute

    Image Processing Research Fellow/Programmer Position at Doheny Eye Institute

    RESEARCH FIELDS: Ophthalmic image segmentation in unimodal and multimodal images

    RESEARCH LABORATORY: Doheny Image Analysis Laboratory (DIAL) at Doheny Eye Institute, University of California, Los Angeles

    ACTIVITY: DIAL is a rapidly growing and interdisciplinary group to investigate new approaches for image segmentation, registration, visualization, and analysis in various multimodal ophthalmic images at Doheny Eye Institute, standing among the top recipients of medical research grants from the National Institutes of Health, which fund 80% of all vision research in America.

    We are particularly interested in the development of various novel image segmentation and registration algorithms and the translation of the development to real world application. We are looking for an enthusiastic and strongly motivated researcher to join in our lab. The researcher should have strong programming ability in C++ and/or C# and strong algorithm development experience in the fields of medical image processing, machine learning, and/or pattern recognition.

    JOB SUMMARY: Develop efficient novel image processing algorithms for the image segmentation in various ophthalmic images. Develop and implement distributable computer code to perform the automated image segmentation and related quantitative image analysis. Assist the translation of the development to real world application, e.g. the integration with ophthalmic devices and graphical user interface (GUI) tools.

    EDUCATION: A MS (or PhD) in medical image processing and analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition and/or related areas is preferable.


    1. Extensive prior experience in image segmentation algorithm development and quantitative analysis required.
    2. Extensive programming experience in C++ and/or C# required.
    3. Extensive programming experience in software development tools and libraries, such as Visual Studio, STL, OpenCV, Caffe, ITK, and CUDA Toolkit required.
    4. Prior experience in parallel programming using CUDA required.
    5. Good record of successful projects and international publications demonstrating prior experience is considered a plus.

    CONTACT: Send your CV and the contact information of three referees to Zhihong Jewel Hu (jhu@doheny.org)

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