1. Agreement between optical coherence tomography and digital stereophotography in vertical cup-to-disc ratio measurement

    Abstract Background  Given the increasing popularity of optical coherence tomography in the diagnosis of glaucoma, we aimed to assess agreement between StratusOCT and stereophotography in measuring the vertical cup-to-disc ratio (VCDR) and examine whether it can be improved by changing the StratusOCT cup-offset. Methods  In group 1 (79 eyes), VCDR measurements obtained by StratusOCT (using the default cup-offset of 150 μm above the retinal pigment epithelium) and stereophotography were compared. For each eye, the cup-offset was moved upward or downward until the difference disappeared and an adjusted cup-offset was identified. In group 2 (41 eyes), the stereophotography VCDR was compared ...
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