1. Three Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography (3D-OCT) Image Enhancement with Segmentation Free Contour Modeling C-Mode

    Purpose: To develop a semi-automated method to visualize structures of interest (SoI) along their contour within three-dimensional, spectral domain optical coherence tomography (3D SD-OCT) data, without the need for segmentation. Methods: Using two SD-OCT devices (an ultrahigh resolution prototype of our own design and Cirrus OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec, Dublin, CA)), we obtained 3D SD-OCT data within 6x6x1.4 mm and 6x6x2 mm volumes, respectively, centered on the fovea in healthy eyes and in eyes with retinal pathology. C-mode images were generated by sampling a variable thickness plane semi-automatically modeled to fit the contour of the SoI. Unlike the published ...
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