1. Michael Jenkins Wins American Association of Anatomists (AAA) Young Investigator Award

    Michael Jenkins Wins American Association of Anatomists (AAA) Young Investigator Award

    The American Association of Anatomists (AAA) is honored to announce the 2016 Young Investigator Award winners. All awards will be presented during the Closing Awards Ceremony at AAA's 2016 annual meeting at Experimental Biology (EB) in San Diego, CA. The ceremony is being held at The Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, at 7pm. Young Investigator awards recognize investigators in the early stages of their careers who have made important contributions to biomedical science through their research in cell/molecular biology, comparative neuroanatomy, developmental biology, or the morphological sciences. The 2016 Young Investigator Award winners are:...Michael Jenkins, Ph.D. , of Case Western Reserve University , will be honored with a plaque for his early contributions to the field of developmental biology. Dr. Jenkins will also present a lecture, “Optical Tools to Assess Heart Development,” on Sunday, April 3rd at EB. Dr. Jenkins’ lab is focused on both developing and applying biomedical optics tools and techniques in cardiovascular applications using the primary tools of optical coherence tomography (OCT), optical mapping (OM), and optical control (OC). His talk will highlight the use of optical tools to understand the influence of hemodynamics in development as an important step towards determining congenital heart defect mechanisms and ultimately developing earlier treatments.

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