1. Imaging System Developer Conavi Medical Inc. (formerly Colibri Technologies Inc.) - Toronto, Canada

    Imaging System Developer Conavi Medical Inc. (formerly Colibri Technologies Inc.) - Toronto, Canada

    Conavi Medical is a Toronto-based medical device company that develops technologies to image the heart during surgery. We are entering an exciting stage of growth, and are currently recruiting a Medical Device Developer to support our R&D team with operations at our 12,000 square foot facility near Hwy. 401 and Leslie. This is an exceptional opportunity for a talented individual who is ambitious, hardworking and wants to contribute to the future of healthcare.

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Assist with design and development of a hybrid intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence tomography imaging system - including console and catheter
    • Develop electromechanical subsystems
    • Develop optical systems and probes
    • Design experiments, analyze and interpret data, and document conclusions
    • Very strong investigation skills, drive to understand and solve problems
    • Support verification and validation activities
    • Adhere to requirements of a 13485 certified Quality Management System
    • Support regulatory filing to various government bodies

    Experience and Qualifications:

    • Prefer 3-7 years of experience with Medical Devices
    • Experience with Medical Imaging
    • BASc. degree engineering, biophysics or related discipline, M.Sc./PhD degree an asset
    • Collaborate effectively with a multidisciplinary team
    • Willingness to work in labs, manufacturing areas and office environments
    • Demonstrated initiative and problem solving skills; critical thinking skills
    • Experience in an ISO 13485 environment
    • Excellent grasp of optical fundamentals and components
    • Grasp of optics and / or ultrasound fundamentals
    • Ability to read and interpret electrical schematic designs, mechanical drawings.
    • Experience in medical/imaging probe design is an asset
    • Experience with designing Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems is an asset

    Please contact us directly at human_resources@colibritech.com to apply.


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