1. Skin Cancer Biopsied by Optical Scan

    Skin Cancer Biopsied by Optical Scan

    Apollo Medical Optics Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan) aims to revolutionize skin cancer detection without the need for invasive biopsies by using a single-crystal sapphire and yttrium aluminium garnet crystalline fibers—surrounded by glass and a flexible polymer cladding—to look-through the skin and image suspicious skin anomalies non-invasively, instead of taking a skin sample and risk releasing malignant cancer cells into the bloodstream. The current prototype, using single-crystal sapphire at its core, is being integrated into a desktop unit that physicians can use in the office to identify skin cancer in a matter of minutes, determine its size and if small ...

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    1. We are hoping to reverse the escalating costs of treating cancer with noninvasive imagers of living tissues—in vivo—with a very high resolution, allowing doctors of make see-and-treat decisions without the expense of in vitro testing with biopsies.
    2. This is only the beginning of a transformation of medical dependency on large expensive diagnostic tools, such a magnetic resonance imagers [MRIs], to small portable diagnostic tools that are not only more affordable, but which an be used in remote locations which are not serviced well with modern medical treatments today.
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