1. Zeiss Meditec sales cruise past €1BN

    Zeiss Meditec sales cruise past €1BN

    Carl Zeiss Meditec , the healthcare equipment division of the German optics giant Zeiss, has smashed its annual revenue target after posting sales in excess of €1 billion for the first time. At €1.04 billion, the publicly listed company’s revenues for the year ending September 30 were up 14 per cent on the previous 12 months . And although the weak euro currency accounts for nearly half of that growth rate, the result still saw the company’s stock price rise close to a 15-year high on the Frankfurt exchange. Leading the charge was Meditec’s surgical ophthalmology division, where ...

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    1. With the angiography function, physicians can visualize the blood vessels of the retina in 3D...Contrary to conventional angiography, this procedure does not require the use of contrast media, which is a decisive clinical advantage.
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