1. Systems Design Engineer Opening at Zeiss in Dublin, CA

    Systems Design Engineer Opening at Zeiss in Dublin, CA


    The Systems Design Engineer will provide direction and leadership in system architecture and design; specify and validate systems and subsystems; development, verification and validation of algorithms; and contribute to overall system architecture and design. Work and interact as part of the systems design group within R&D. Interact closely with other functional groups within the R&D department as well as Product Marketing and Manufacturing Engineering.


    (Responsibilities that are central to the job and MUST be performed either unaided, or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation, ref. ADA.)

    • Work and interact extensively with Marketing and Engineering to define, analyze, detail, and document specifications for tradeoffs, performance, features, controls, and operation of products into a form suitable for product implementation.
    • Lead system integration of the specialist areas of a product.
    • Plan and conduct in-depth reviews, testing and verifications/validation of product features.
    • Critically analyze and verify system performance through simulation, test, and measurements.
    • Specify and develop improvements or enhancements to existing products and champion implementation if necessary.
    • Provide technical direction at systems level to other team members.


    (Non-essential duties or marginal job functions that support essential functions)


    (From whom work is received and given, internal and external customers, supervisors, subordinates, teams, etc.)

    Work as part of the systems design group within R&D. Interact closely with other functional groups within the R&D department as well as Marketing and Manufacturing Engineering.


    (Physical surroundings)


    (Bona Fide Occupational Requirements, such as education, certification, and/ or skills that are necessary to do the job.)

    • Advanced degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, or Computer Sciences. “Generalists” are preferred over “Specialists”.
    • Experience in image processing techniques and/or optical systems design.
    • Experience in system specification tradeoffs, development and integration of complex products, preferably medical electronic instruments.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to adapt quickly to change and work in a rapidly changing environment.
    • Knowledge of or prior work experience in one or more of the following subject areas would be helpful: Medical electronic instruments, ophthalmic instruments, imaging or non-imaging optics, image processing, machine vision systems, human vision, modeling and simulation tools (MATLAB, Labview, Mathematica), PC applications and OEM integration, Displays, medical safety/regulatory agency compliance testing and requirements.


    • Experience in medical device development or testing.
    • Experience in ophthalmic systems.
    • Demonstrated ability to work with Marketing and with other engineering groups in resolving design trade-offs.


    (If any, describes physically uncomfortable conditions, travel requirements, heavy lifting, etc., ref. ADA)

    This job description does not state nor imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job related duties as requested by management and will also be required to meet safety-related requirements. All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability.

    We are an EEO/AA/Veterans/Disabled employer.

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