1. Comparison of coronary plaque characteristics between diabetic and non-diabetic subjects: An in vivo optical coherence tomography study

    Aims Postmortem series have reported that subjects with diabetes mellitus have coronary plaques with larger necrotic cores and increased macrophage infiltration. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution imaging modality that allows in vivo characterization of atherosclerotic plaques. Using OCT imaging, we compared in vivo plaque characteristics between diabetic and non-diabetic subjects. Methods Sixty-three patients undergoing cardiac catheterization were enrolled. OCT imaging was performed in culprit coronary arteries. Assessment of plaque lipid content, fibrous cap thickness and frequency of thin-cap fibroatheroma were made independently. Macrophage density was determined from the optical signal within fibrous cap. Results Eighty-two plaques in total ...
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