1. Global Sales and Account Manager: Optical Imaging at Wasatch Photonics

    Global Sales and Account Manager: Optical Imaging at Wasatch Photonics

    Wasatch Photonics is the leading manufacturer of volume phase gratings with corporate offices located in Logan, Utah. WP also designs and manufactures spectroscopic and optical coherence tomography devices at our facility in Durham, North Carolina. We are seeking an experienced and dynamic person to lead our global sale and manage the accounts for Optical Coherence Tomography division. This position will be located at our Durham facility and require extensive travel.


    • Generate leads and explore new sales channels for the high-end optical imaging systems.
    • Work with company’s worldwide distributors.
    • Gain and understand product strengths and learn about key application areas.
    • Work with product management on ways to improve products.
    • Perform onsite demos for key customers.
    • Represent company at tradeshows. Lead logistics and setup of the company booth at the tradeshows.
    • Execute a systematic and well documented sales strategy. Use tools like Salesforce to track status of different leads.
    • Generate quotes and handle logistics to execute sales.
    • Provide post-sales support to customers where applicable.
    • Visit key customers to maintain relationships and learn about future needs.

    Experience Required:

    • Extensive sales experience in scientific and/or medical fields.
    • Comfortable with use and setup of technical instruments to execute successful demos.
    • Strong communication skills. Ability to understand requests from scientific and technical customers.
    • Experience in one of the following fields is preferred: ophthalmology, non-destructive testing, microscopy, ultrasound imaging.
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferably in science or engineering related field.


    • Salary + commission negotiable depending on experience
    • Full medical benefits
    • Profit sharing


     If interested please apply here: http://wasatchphotonics.com/global-sales-and-account-manager-optical-imaging/




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