1. Senior Scientist Opening at Optovue

    Senior Scientist Opening at Optovue



    About Us:

    Optovue, Inc. (Fremont, CA) is an ophthalmic device company dedicated to working with eye care professionals, doctors and researchers to improve patient care through sustained technological innovation. The Advanced Development Team at Optovue is primarily responsible for identifying, evaluating and developing cutting-edge technologies in the field of ophthalmic and optical imaging. Innovation is firmly entrenched in our DNA and we take pride in the fact that Optovue has pioneered disruptive medical imaging technologies including spectral-domain OCT and OCT Angiography that have been revolutionizing the field of ophthalmology. We remain passionate about generating, prototyping and evaluating new concepts and ideas that would make a difference in the diagnosis and therapy of ocular diseases.

    Position Overview:

    Senior scientist role in the Advanced Development Team at Optovue provides an exciting opportunity to work with a group of highly talented and energetic people and to contribute towards setting the future technology direction for the company. The successful candidate will provide technical leadership and actively work with our team of scientists and engineers for projects involving development of next generation ophthalmic imaging devices. The nature of projects may range from development of new technologies, concept engineering, new product development and improving existing product features. Strong grasp on the fundamentals of optical imaging system design, physics principles, hands-on experience in prototyping complete optical imaging systems, pilot production experience, team-player with good communication skills, open-mindedness to new ideas and solution-oriented approach are some of the key attributes that are expected from the person.

    Optovue offers exciting and friendly work environment, excellent benefits and competitive salary. To apply for this position, please send your resume to: Deb_Hiner@optovue.com

    Responsibilities include:

    • Identification, evaluation and development of leading-edge optical imaging technologies.
    • Generation of new ideas, product concepts and building bench-top test beds or prototypes to demonstrate proof-of-concept.
    • Providing technical leadership and working in cross-functional teams for development of ophthalmic imaging prototypes for clinical research.
    • Use of mathematical modeling and simulations to assess feasibility, compare technologies and validate experimental results.
    • Performing trade-off analysis of technology and design alternatives for new products/platforms.
    • Communication of investigational findings across departments, including engineering, algorithms, clinical and marketing through technical presentations and documentation.
    • Providing strong support to ensure seamless transition of new technology concepts towards product development.
    • Early identification of technical risks or feasibility for new technologies or products and developing a plan for addressing the issues.
    • Analysis and development of intellectual property, including documentation of new ideas and filing patents.
    • Keeping up to date with the latest research and developments in the field by reading research articles and attending technical conferences.
    • Collaboration with external researchers in universities and research institutes for joint technology development.



    • PhD in optics, electrical engineering, physics, bioengineering or related field plus 2-5 years of relevant work experience; or MS in optics, electrical engineering, physics, bioengineering or related field plus 4-7 years of relevant work experience.
    • Demonstrated hands-on experience of designing and building complete optical imaging systems, prototypes.
    • Optical design experience using Zemax, Code V or other ray tracing software.
    • Strong grasp of optics, imaging, and system design fundamentals.
    • A self-motivated team player who is adaptable and comfortable working in a dynamic, high-paced environment.


    Desired Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in building optical imaging systems (OCT, microscopy, adaptive optics based imaging systems) is highly desired.
    • Experience developing data acquisition software that handled synchronized data collection and instrument control.
    • Mathematical modeling skills to simulate experimental results using Matlab, C++ etc.
    • Experience in pilot production process in industry environment.
    • Experience with image processing and algorithm development.
    • Experience in collaborating with doctors and clinical researchers.
    • Familiarity with early stage product development in medical device industry and good documentation practices.


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