1. Clinicians Demand More From Optical Devices

    Clinicians Demand More From Optical Devices

    From the ubiquity of smartphones to an aging population, the modern world offers the optical sector a wealth of opportunities to innovate for the health care sector. Optical technologies have a long history of providing a rapid and noninvasive way of diagnosing, imaging and operating that other methods simply cannot match. It’s little wonder then that the health care sector continues to call for fresh ideas from the optics industry. From novel therapies to adding new functionality to existing devices, in addition to exploiting the huge growth of products in the consumer market, the opportunities for innovation are extensive ...

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    1. For U.K. manufacturing to make [the]most of the opportunities in health care photonics, it is essential to reduce the barriers that are preventing innovation from moving beyond the laboratory and into health care devices for patients.
    2. The first surgical microscope was developed by Zeiss more than 50 years ago and OCT was also first brought to ophthalmology by Zeiss.
    3. Intraoperative OCT and multimodal imaging are rapidly evolving fields within ophthalmic surgery and offer excellent development opportunities for young professionals to shape future Zeiss products and tangibly help doctors reach even better outcomes for their patients.
    4. Optical technology provides the means for contact-free imaging and analysis, and hence is superior to other methods that need to extract sample parts for physical and/or chemical processing and analysis.
    5. Thanks to the know-how of our engineers, specifically around design of the spectrometers — the heart of OCT devices — the Bioptigen Envisu OCT systems excel through a set of performance parameters.
    6. We [Zeiss] are facing the challenge of poor infrastructure and a lack of awareness for the importance of high-quality instruments in diagnosis.
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