1. Senior Software Engineer - Sawtooth Laboratories

    Senior Software Engineer


    Design, specify, and test major software components of image-guided minimally invasive surgical devices.


    B.S. CS/EE/Mathematics or equivalent.

    7-10+ years experience with the design and development of embedded systems software in C/C++.

    Comfortable with a variety of target OS platforms, particularly Win32 and Linux. Real-time OS experience a plus.

    Able to work closely with team members from other disciplines to solve problems and design/implement subsystems.

    At least a basic working understanding of signal processing principles (Fourier transforms, digital filtering, convolution etc.)

    Proven history of delivering high-quality, tested, and documented code. Ability to schedule one’s own deliverables and work within a software development process (source control, defect tracking).


    Familiarity with application frameworks such as Qt or similar.

    Ability to select  appropriate microcontrollers for system control applications and implement the control system. 

    Experience with FDA regulations for software development or a similar agency process.

    Imaging technology experience.

    Track record of producing reusable code and modular designs with an eye toward an expanding product line.

    Principals Only please. Candidates must be authorized to work in the US. AA/EOE

    Please e-mail a cover letter and your resume to cwhite@sawtoothlabs.com for consideration.

    Sawtooth Laboratories is a privately-held early-stage technology accelerator in Redwood City, California focused on the development of minimally invasive image-guided surgical devices. The principals of Sawtooth have an exceptional track record in interventional devices and biophotonics, highlighted most recently by the world’s first OCT-guided intravascular surgery in humans (see for example http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/51482.php). We are looking to add highly talented, energetic, motivated individuals to our imaging team.

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