1. Manager – Optical Engineering - Sawtooth Laboratories

    Manager – Optical Engineering


    Manage a group of optical engineers and technicians involved in the development of minimally invasive image guided surgical tools.

    Conceptualization, specification, design, test, validation, transfer to production and support of optical systems and components for OCT / LCR based medical devices, subsystems, components in support of the company's strategic plan.

    Specify and select light sources, optical fibers, and associated components. Perform basic optical / digital signal processing calculations; measure and characterize beams. Design and develop optical systems and components. Support systems design, mechanical, electrical, and signal path integration. Demonstrate understanding of experimental design.

    Design and develop product changes and enhancements which are consistent with a zero defect level as well as low product cost. Solve complex problems at the component level. Generate test protocols and conduct testing. Accurately generate standard written reports.


    Direct medical device engineering experience preferred. 2+ years management experience in a fast-paced cutting edge environment supervising engineers and technicians. Team building and personnel development. Project planning (budgets, tasks, timelines and priorities). Strategy development including intellectual property. Strong networking and interpersonal skills. Strong written and oral communication skills. Excellent presentation skills (technical information to clinical and other non technical personnel). Ability to manage remotely and locally multiple simultaneous research and development efforts through third party sources. Experience working across engineering disciplines to integrate complex opto-mechanical systems

    BS degree in EE, Optics, or Biomedical Optics with 7 – 10 years equivalent combination of training and experience. Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, preferably with emphasis on lasers, fiber optics and/or optics, or Masters in Optical Engineering or Masters in Biomedical Optics, preferably with emphasis on low coherence interferometry and fiber optics. With a Masters degree, 3 years equivalent combination of training and experience. Ph.D in EE, Optics or Biomedical Engineering with OCT experience.

    Experience with a plurality of the following techniques and concepts:

    Low Coherence Interferometry or Optical Coherence Tomography; Light propagation in turbid media, including scattering and absorption concepts and molecular spectroscopic signatures.

    Digital signal processing, FT, filtering, wavelets, speckle analysis.

    Fiber non-linear optical processes (chi-3 processes); Fiber lasers and laser beam delivery using fibers; Free-space optics (Ray Tracing) and non-linear optics including continuum generation.

    Fiber handling and processing techniques, including polishing, cleaving, fusion splicing, stress-free mounting, and fiber optics measurement techniques, including return loss measurements, reflectometry, polarization analysis, beam profiling, OSAs

    Proficiency with PC-based office computers, preferably including familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook required. C++, LabView, Mathematica, MatLab, MathCad, FRED, ZEMAX, OLSO, Code 5 etc. preferred. Familiarity with CAD design tools such as Solidworks is desirable.

    Working knowledge of electronic test equipment, including oscilloscopes, DVMs, function generators, pulse and delay generators.

    Ability to work independently, using good judgment, initiative and analytical abilities, to accomplish short and long-range projects, anticipate likely needs, and recommend actions with minimal direction.

    Ability to work as a team member and ability to be very flexible, adaptable, and to work under pressure.

    Principals Only please. Candidates must be authorized to work in the US. AA/EOE

    Please e-mail a cover letter and your resume to jblack@sawtoothlabs.com for consideration.


    Sawtooth Laboratories is a privately-held early-stage technology accelerator in Redwood City, California focused on the development of minimally invasive image-guided surgical devices. The principals of Sawtooth have an exceptional track record in interventional devices and biophotonics, highlighted most recently by the world’s first OCT-guided intravascular surgery in humans (see for example http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/51482.php). We are looking to add highly talented, energetic, motivated individuals to our imaging team.

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