1. Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at Yale in Cardiovascular Molecular and Translational Imaging

    Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at Yale in Cardiovascular Molecular and Translational Imaging

    Post-doctoral research fellowship immediately available at Yale on NIH funded T32 training grant focused on providing multi-disciplinary multi-modality training in molecular and translational cardiovascular imaging for highly qualified fellows holding either a MD or/and PhD, in preparation for academic careers as independent investigators in the highly clinically relevant field of cardiovascular imaging. Post-doctoral fellowship training will be 2-3 years in duration. There are three primary research focuses in the post-doctoral training, 1) cardiovascular molecular imaging, 2) cardiovascular imaging technologies and analyses, and 3) translational cardiovascular imaging. Applicants will have full access to resources available through the Yale Translational Research Imaging Center, including: small and large animal surgical suite, fluoroscopy suite, 3D ultrasound, 64 slice SPECT/CT, microSPECT/CT, microCT, and optical imaging, along with other institutional resources, including; PET/CT, and MRI. Participation in ongoing NIH funded projects. Applications will be encouraged from clinical, engineering, and basic science departments, with particular attention to the recruitment of minority, disabled, and disadvantaged candidates. 

    Candidates fellows must hold either a MD or/and PhD. Candidates must be US citizens or hold green card.

    Please contact Albert Sinusas, MD. (Albert.Sinusas@yale.edu, grant PI) or Michael Choma, MD, PhD (michael.choma@yale.edu, potential postdoc advisor) for more information.

    Yale University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and welcomes applications from women, persons with disabilities, protected veterans, and members of minority groups.

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