1. Systems Engineer Position Opening at Topcon Medical Systems in Oakland, New Jersey

    Systems Engineer Position Opening at Topcon Medical Systems in Oakland, New Jersey

    An exciting opportunity for a highly motivated system engineer to work creatively within a dedicated R&D laboratory (Topcon Advanced Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, Oakland, NJ) contributing to interdisciplinary projects with global impact.  Primary responsibilities include system development for ophthalmic imaging devices, supporting both prototype and commercial system development efforts.  The position requires diverse engineering and programming experience including system integration, data acquisition and test equipment control, signal and image processing, and image analysis algorithm development. While this position has an emphasis on system development, the successful candidate is also expected to participate in advanced ophthalmic imaging techniques and imaging analysis software development projects.


    • Expertise in data acquisition and equipment control/synchronization required. Demonstrated experience with optical imaging system development required, and in-depth knowledge of optical coherence tomography (OCT) highly desirable.
    • Proficiency with Matlab and/or LabVIEW strongly preferred, particularly in the areas of data acquisition, equipment control, and signal and image processing.
    • Image and video processing, computer vision, and algorithm development experience all highly preferred.
    • Expertise in C/C++ and Python strongly preferred.
    • Experience in GPU programming and knowledge of CUDA preferred.
    • Electrical circuit and/or optical design experience a plus.
    • Prior experience in the prototype development of medical devices a plus.
    • Excellent oral and communications skills required.
    • Must be a team player with a strong work ethic.
    • 2 to 5 years industry experience or equivalent laboratory experience preferred.
    • PhD or MS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or Physics.

    Qualified candidates please apply at https://careers-topcon.icims.com/jobs/1234/systems-engineer/job or https://spiecareercenter.org/jobs/5368954#.VRr2URrD9Dw


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