1. Optores Introduces OGOP – the Optores GPU OCT Processing Library

    Optores Introduces OGOP – the Optores GPU OCT Processing Library

    Optores proudly introduces OGOP – the Optores GPU OCT Processing library, an ultra-fast and highly reliable processing library for optical coherence tomography (OCT) data. Based on graphic-processing unit (GPU) optimized code, OGOP enables real-time OCT processing with sustained throughput of several gigabytes per second. The library can be licensed in editions with increasing feature sets and processing capabilities. It covers the whole OCT processing pipeline from raw data to image, and features future-proof cross-platform code.

    OGOP can been seen in action at Optores's new youtube channel. The video shows sustained and real-time volumetric OCT imaging with 20 entire volumes per second - based on OGOP and Optores' 1.5 MHz swept laser, FDML-1310.

    More information on OGOP and a datasheet can be found here.

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