1. Transient OCT Highly Reflective Layer Following Macular Hole Surgery

    Transient OCT Highly Reflective Layer Following Macular Hole Surgery

    Objective: Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM) peeling during macular hole surgery is commonly performed. In spite of this, little is known about the exact histological effect that this has on the retina post-operatively, due to a lack of clinicopathological studies. OCT imaging is increasing our understanding of structural changes that occur after macular hole surgery, and is now widely used. Recently OCT observations have included Concentric Macular Dark Spots (CMDS) and Swelling of the Arcuate Nerve Fibre Layer (SANFL). In this paper a new postoperative OCT observation is described. This occurs transiently after macular hole surgery. The observation consists of a ...

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