1. Cylite Introduces Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography

    Cylite Introduces Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography

    Metrology-level stability and accuracy meets best-in-class imaging

    Cylite Pty Ltd, an emergent optical technology development company, today announced its new Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography measurement and analysis platform.

    Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography is a unique 3D spectral imaging technology that can measure a two dimensional grid comprising in excess of a 1000 simultaneous high resolution depth scans over a 7.5 mm range at over 50 frames per second. This provides:

    • Insensitivity to sample movement for clinical applications.
    • Greatly enhanced frame registration due to multiple simultaneous surface measurements
    • Dense B-scan and volumetric imaging over a very fine lateral grid.
    • Lower cost implementation by using standard optical components

    “Cylite’s Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography provides a definitive solution for the growing requirements of high resolution optical imaging tomography and metrology.” said Dr Steve Frisken, CEO of Cylite Pty Ltd. “Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography enables the capture of en-face images in a single shot with phase registration over a full C-scan. This provides unique capabilities that can also be applied to advanced OCT modalities such as elastography and Doppler OCT ”

    Cylite’s Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography will be introduced at the BiOS 2015 Trade Show from February 7-8th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, USA, booth #8633 and Cylite’s VP of R&D, Trevor Anderson will present a paper entitled “3D spectral imaging for anterior segment metrology” in the BiOS technical session on Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in Biomedicine XIX on Monday, 9th February.

    About Cylite

    Cylite Pty Ltd, a technology development company which is creating the next generation of imaging and metrology systems for ophthalmic and 3-D optical imaging markets is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. For additional information on Cylite and Hyperparallel Coherence Imaging visit www.cyliteoptics.com.

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