1. A 4-D OCT Engine with 1 GVoxel/s

    A 4-D OCT Engine with 1 GVoxel/s

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a depth-resolved imaging modality that provides micrometer-scale cross-sectional and 3-D information on the scattering properties of biological samples. 1 Video rate real-time 3-D volumetric OCT (4-D-OCT) could generate a new class of optical tools in clinical practice, like surgical guidance. 2 This challenge requires us to combine a high-speed OCT imaging setup, ultrafast data acquisition and adequate real-time data processing to process and visualize the vast amount of data. Although 4-D-OCT has long been a dream for researchers, only a few groups have successfully implemented 4-D volumetric OCT imaging with real-time visualization—usually with low ...

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