1. Endoscope employs custom camera for in-vivo cancer detection

    Endoscope employs custom camera for in-vivo cancer detection

    Early cancer detection is often performed by removing tissue from a patient during a biopsy procedure and then examining the cell structure under a microscope. Identifying which tissue to be removed, however, is not an exact science and patients often need to return for a second biopsy. Since this procedure is both painful and expensive, the ability to ensure the correct tissue is removed speeds the diagnostic procedure while reducing patient stress and expense. To increase the certainty of obtaining cancerous tissue, LLTech (Paris, France; www.lltechimaging.com) is developing a hand-held rigid endoscope that provides surgeons and pathologists to ...

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    1. Unlike other CMOS imagers, the full well capacity of the imager is approximately 1.6 million electrons/per pixel, which will significantly enhance the sensitivity of FFOCT
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