1. Carl Zeiss Meditec: Largest base of optical coherence technology worldwide with more than 10.000 units installed

    JENA/Germany, 11.09.2008.
    Carl Zeiss Meditec, a leading company of complete
    ophthalmic solutions and visualization systems for Neuro/ENT surgery, today
    announced that it has placed more than 10,000 optical coherence tomography (OCT)
    platforms worldwide, the largest OCT portfolio on the market today. These units
    include the Cirrus™ HD-OCT, the Stratus OCT™ and the Visante™ OCT, a technology
    suite that encompasses imaging capabilities for both the front and the back of
    the eye, identifies all major categories of eye diseases and supports all
    ophthalmic and optometric specialties. Cumulatively, these devices capture more
    than 100,000 visual images ...

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