1. Multi-modality intra-coronary plaque characterization: A pilot study☆

    Background The risk of rupture and subsequent thrombosis of the atherosclerotic coronary plaques is related to the presence of necrotic core with high lipid content. We conducted an exploratory pilot trial to compare the capability for lipid tissue detection using four intra-coronary diagnostic techniques: greyscale intravascular ultrasound (GS IVUS), IVUS radiofrequency data (IVUS RFD) analysis, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and intravascular magnetic resonance spectroscopy (IVMR). Methods Twenty-four matched target plaques were analyzed with the 4 techniques in non-culprit lesions in five patients with stable angina. Following IVUS pullback, OCT and IVMR was performed. Plaque composition was assessed using established criteria ...
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