1. NinePoint Medical Receives 2014 MDEA Silver Medal for NvisionVLE Imaging System

    NinePoint Medical Receives 2014 MDEA Silver Medal for NvisionVLE Imaging System

    NinePoint Medical, Inc., an emerging leader in the development of medical devices for advanced optical imaging, today announced the company was honored with a silver medal at the 2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) for the company’s volumetric optical coherence tomography device, the NvisionVLE Imaging System™. NinePoint and NvisionVLE were among 54 cutting-edge products and companies across 11 medical technology product categories selected as finalists.

    “Our team has worked diligently over the past four years to bring the NvisionVLE Imaging System to clinicians and patients, and we are pleased that our efforts were recognized by the MDEA with this award,” said Michael Madden, executive vice president of research and development at NinePoint Medical. “We look forward to continuing to advance the field of optical imaging, and working with physicians and other partners to develop new medical devices that bring together access, diagnosis and treatment.”

    Winners were announced last night at the 2014 MDEA Ceremony held in conjunction with the MD&M East event at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

    About MDEA

    The MDEA is the medtech industry’s premier design competition committed to searching worldwide for the highest caliber finished medical devices, products, systems, or packaging available on the market. The awards program celebrates the achievements of the medical device manufacturers, their suppliers and the many people behind the scenes – engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians who are responsible for the cutting-edge products that are saving lives, improving patient health care and transforming medtech.



    About The NvisionVLE Imaging System

    NinePoint Medical’s proprietary NvisionVLE Imaging System will enable physicians and pathologists to endoscopically view real-time, high-resolution, volumetric images of organs and tissues up to 3mm deep at better than 10 micron resolution. Utilizing an advanced form of Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) also known as OFDI (optical frequency-domain imaging), NvisionVLE provides treating physicians and pathologists with cross-sectional, volumetric digital images of a patient’s organ – including below the surface of the tissue, over very large areas. This imaging information can be used to aid clinician decision-making relative to biopsy placement or treatment planning. The NvisionVLE Imaging System is indicated for use as an imaging tool in the evaluation of human tissue microstructure, including esophageal tissue microstructure, by providing two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time depth visualization. The safety and effectiveness of this device for diagnostic analysis (i.e. differentiating normal versus specific abnormalities) in any tissue microstructure or specific disease has not been evaluated.

    Developed at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), NinePoint licensed the technology in 2010 as part of the largest intellectual property agreement for medical device technology in the hospital’s history.

    About NinePoint Medical, Inc.

    NinePoint Medical, Inc. is a transformational medical device company developing innovative, real-time, in vivo imaging devices focused on dramatically improving patient care. The proprietary NvisionVLE™ Imaging System will enable physicians and pathologists, for the first time, to view real-time, high-resolution, volumetric images of esophageal tissue up to 3mm deep at better than 10 micron resolution. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., NinePoint is backed by Third Rock Ventures, Prospect Venture Partners and Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW). For more information, please visit www.ninepointmedical.com

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