1. Gold nanostructures for OCT imaging of capillary flow

    Gold nanostructures for OCT imaging of capillary flow

    In this paper, plasmon-resonant nanostructures, such as gold nanostars and their silica-coated composites, were used for enhancement of OCT image contrast of water flows in glass capillaries. The contrasting properties of the synthesized nanostars and nanocomposites with silica shell thickness of about 5 nm and 50 nm were compared in the framework of capillary stasis model. The most intensive signal was detected from the nanocomposites with the thickest silica shell. The nanocomposites were characterized by optical spectroscopy and electron microscopy. Nontoxicity of nanostars and nanocomposites up to ~ 3 mg/mL concentration was showed by MTT assay suggesting practical applications of ...

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