1. Better Glaucoma Progression Tracking

    Better Glaucoma Progression Tracking
    Accurately detecting glaucoma progression is important in effectively managing the disease. The problem remains, however, that all changes detected with perimetry and imaging technologies do not necessarily indicate true progression. The good news is that technology is becoming ever smarter in providing more objective information to help you determine whether your patient's condition is progressing and whether your treatment strategy is sufficient. But which technologies will guide you best? Here is what experts have to say about implementing available technology for this challenging task
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    1. With imaging we have much younger technology. The progression assessments with these technologies seem to be more sensitive than functional assessment, but they don't necessarily overlap with functional assessment or even with each other.
    2. I think that in future iterations we will be able to have focal assessment of change, looking at the overall trend as in regression, but also looking at event analysis, analogous to the GPA on visual field.
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