1. Researchers at Yale Work to Improve Health of Premature Babies

    Researchers at Yale Work to Improve Health of Premature Babies

    There’s ongoing research to help babies born too soon. Yale researchers are looking into improving the health of premature babies by focusing on their under-developed lungs. What Yale researchers are doing is looking at the intricacies of how bacteria and viruses are moved in and out of the lungs in hopes of developing therapies and technology that could someday improve a premature baby’s chance of survival as well as quality of life. Born at 32 weeks, now 8-month-old Jaxon Buchholz has yet to go home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. “He ...

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    1. We know from other disease where the flow of mucus is impaired, we know that really reduces survival of patients.
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