1. PhD Student Position: design, fabrication and control of 2-axis endoscopic MOEMS scanner and implementation in an endomicroscopy microsystem for early diagnosis of cancer FEMTO-ST, Besançon, France

    PhD Student Position: design, fabrication and control of 2-axis endoscopic MOEMS scanner and implementation in an endomicroscopy microsystem for early diagnosis of cancer FEMTO-ST, Besançon, France

    PhD Student Position: design, fabrication and control of 2-axis endoscopic MOEMS scanner and implementation in an endomicroscopy microsystem for early diagnosis of cancer

    The FEMTO-ST Institute (CNRS unit), associated with the Université de Franche-Comté (UFC), announces the opening of a PhD Student position in design and fabrication of Biophotonic Microsystems. This position, delivering a PhD diploma of UFC, is starting from October 1, 2014. The position is proposed in the frame of a joint collaboration between FEMTO-ST/UFC and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering/University of Florida (UF), and includes a stage of 18 months at UF, Florida.

    FEMTO-ST (Besançon, France) is one of 3 largest research institutes in France in the field of Engineering Sciences. FEMTO-ST has about 650 employees including more than 150 doctoral students. FEMTO-ST facilities offer the full access to a world-class cleanroom facility (class 10/100). FEMTO-ST host teams are focusing on MEMS/microoptics and microrobotics. FEMTO-ST received funding from the French government by the LabEx ACTION which is a cluster of excellence for research on Smart Systems. Through this program a scanning endomicroscope will be developed in collaboration with Biophotonics&Microsystems Laboratory/UF, one of major MOEMS groups in US. The research work at UF will permit the development of an original 2-axis MEMS scanner while the role of FEMTO-ST is the control of such micro-actuator as well as integration of scanner within the MOEMS endomicroscope.

    Description of LABEX ACTION project carrying this PhD position

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT), due to its micro-scale resolution, has the ability to detect cancerous tissues at their early stages. Visual inspection followed by histological examination, is still today, the gold standard for clinicians. However, a large number of unnecessary surgical procedures are still performed. The early diagnosis of cancer is essential since it can be treated more effectively when detected earlier. New diagnostics aids are emerging including the techniques of OCT which permits non-invasive 3D optical biopsies of intestinal tissues, improving patient’s quality of life. Nevertheless, the existing bulk systems are expensive (100 k€), only affordable at the Hospital and thus, not sufficiently used by physicians as an early diagnosis tool. The goal of this research position is to contribute to the development of a new generation of miniature optical instruments based on advanced MOEMS and micro-robotics technologies. The challenge is to provide handheld, low-cost endomicroscopes (10 times cheaper, 100-150 times smaller), adapted for early in-vivo diagnosis of cancer and performing automated tasks, such as stabilization of the endoscope tip during manual therapeutic actions or semi-automatic tumour resection. 

    Description of the position

    The main task of PhD student will be to take active part in the development of a 2-axis scanning MEMS mirror with large range, low voltage and small footprint, using electrothermal actuation to achieve large scan range at low drive voltage. The research work concerns also the implementation of the optimized control for such MEMS scanner, the integration of micro-scanner within the OCT endomicroscopes as well as the experimental validations of resulting biophotonic microsystem.  The candidate is expected to write a PhD within the 3-years period. A unique and multidisciplinary French-US team of transverse expertise is gathered in LABEX project to design and demonstrate a miniature solution for in vivo 3D OCT imaging to further address the early diagnosis of cancer pathologies that will potentially benefit millions of people worldwide. The position will start by 18-month stage at Biophotonics&Microsystems Laboratory/UF, Florida (status of visiting researcher), followed by 18-month at FEMTO-ST, France (status of PhD).


    The applicant must hold, or to be about to receive before starting the contract, a MSc degree in physics, electrical engineering, micro/opto-electronics, materials science, microtechnology or related areas. The applicant should be strongly motivated to carry out research within the area of Biophotonic Microsystems. The candidate should have a cleanroom experience (e.g. photolithography, DRIE+ other etching processes, wafer bonding, film deposition, characterization techniques) and a background in optics will be appreciated. Proficiency in English is required for communication at US and to publish results and present them at international conferences (fluency in French can be considered as an asset but is not mandatory). The evaluation will be based on the fulfilments of the applicant with the above qualifications.


    Full time employment, expected duration of 3 years following the recommendations for French PhD program.

    Start date: October 1st, 2014

    Salary in France: follows national student gross salary agreement: 1700 €/month. Additional amount of 1000 €/month will be proposed during 18-month stage at UF, Florida. A unique 2-way travel to US is covered.


    The application must include:

    1. Full curriculum vitae including all your relevant academic, professional, and other achievements, experience and knowledge.
    2. Copy of the degree certificate(s) and transcripts of records from your previously attended university-level institutions, with certified translations in English (unless provided so by the issuing institution)
    3. Statement of purpose: Why the applicant wants to pursue a PhD, what are your academic interests, how they are related to your previous studies and future goals; maximum 2 pages long.
    4. List of representative publications or technical reports (if applicable).
    5. Letters of recommendation or contact information for two reference persons

    Deadline for application is May 15th, 2014 because of difficulties of US visa procedure

    Please apply via email to:

    Prof. Christophe Gorecki

    We also accept applications via mailing to:

    Prof. Christophe Gorecki
    FEMTO-ST, UFR Sciences, 16 Route de Gray, 25030 Besançon, France, tel. +33381666607

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