1. GSI finds buyer for Continuum laser business for $7.5M

    GSI finds buyer for Continuum laser business for $7.5M

    Scientific laser unit set to be sold for just $7.5 million, pending due diligence. Scanning products, which GSI sells under its well-known Cambridge Technology brand, saw growth throughout 2013, ending up 8 per cent higher for the full year thanks to increased orders from applications including optical coherence tomography for retinal scanning, via hole drilling used in the microelectronics industry, and the emerging field of 3D printing.

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    1. This move represents another step in our transformation of GSI, which focuses the company in our most attractive and sustainable growth markets, letter of intent
    2. Excluding the scientific sales, laser sales growth would have been 8 per cent in the fourth quarter.
    3. We continue to participate in this market as a smaller player and we see growing demand off of our small base.
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