1. UAB Pilot Program Brings Glaucoma Screenings Closer to Home

    UAB Pilot Program Brings Glaucoma Screenings Closer to Home

    The imaging devices, optical coherence tomography machines, provide high-resolution images of the back of the eye. An optometrist can detect the earlier stages of glaucoma in those images, even before symptoms appear. Images of a patient’s eyes are electronically transmitted from the imaging machines at the optometrist’s office to the UAB center for confirmation of the diagnosis. UAB’s trained glaucoma specialists can then confer with the optometrist on complex cases to determine an appropriate treatment regimen. Patients who undergo the glaucoma testing also receive a dilated comprehensive eye exam and educational materials about glaucoma.

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    1. Glaucoma is much easier to treat when it is found in the early stages, and less likely to lead to blindness.
    2. Our current model of eye care is simply not reaching one of the most at-risk populations for glaucoma: older African-Americans.
    3. I brought my mother in for a checkup and thought I'd get my eyes checked too.
    4. It's good that we discovered it early because you can't feel glaucoma.
    5. With this program, we're bringing education, detection and glaucoma treatment directly to the patient.
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