1. Two New Sensors Unlimited InGaAs Cameras to be Introduced at BiOS/Photonics West!

    Two New Sensors Unlimited InGaAs Cameras to be Introduced at BiOS/Photonics West!




    The World's Fastest 2048 Pixel Linescan Camera

    Designed specifically for Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography at 1.05 and 1.31 microns.

    UTC Aerospace Systems / Sensors Unlimited will demonstrate the world’s fastest 2048-pixel Linescan Camera at >145,000 A-lines per second, which is being introduced at BIOS: This Sensors Unlimited GL2048R camera, joins the 76,000 lps GL2048L enabling OEMs and researchers to maximize speed or minimize cost for their Spectral Domain OCT systems (SD-OCT). The GL2048R and L cameras deliver the high-resolution and high-speed needed for SD-OCT, whether to minimize eye motion artifacts or to scan larger volumes with minimum patient discomfort. Compact and slim, the GL2048 cameras feature InGaAs photodiode arrays of 2048 pixels with 210 µm height and 10 micron width. The Sensors Unlimited cameras are ideal for SD-OCT at 1.04 µm for retina diagnostics, 1.31 µm for corneal and cardiovascular imaging, or 1.55 µm for deepest imaging in non-medical OCT applications. The GL2048L model has been shipping for a year to researchers and OEMs, and with its line rate range from 100 lps is also being used for silicon ingot photoluminescence inspection. Visit booth 8622 at BIOS, 622 in Photonics West to learn more and see the GL2048R in action.

     The Highest-Sensitivity High-Definition InGaAs Camera

    New SWIR Snapshot Mil-Rugged, Extended High-Sensitivity InGaAs Camera.  

    The new Sensors Unlimited GA1280JSX-12.5 snapshot camera is the third megapixel-class InGaAs commercial camera put into production by UTAS since 2011 and will be demonstrated on the show booth. Featuring SUI’s unique extended sensitivity pixel design, now in a 12.5-µm pixel pitch, the new camera is ideal for high-definition imaging in varying conditions from low-level light to daylight, and through low-density obscurants. The light-weight and compact size enables easy integration into aerial, mobile and hand-held surveillance or hyperspectral systems. In addition, the camera employs on-board Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and built-in non-uniformity corrections (NUCs), allowing it to address the challenges of high-dynamic-range urban night imaging without blooming. Camera Link® digital output provides for plug-and-play video with 12-bit images for digital image processing or transmission. Visit the UTAS / Sensors Unlimited booth 8622 at BIOS or 622 at Photonics West to learn more about the new camera, and its companion HD models, the GA1280J-15 and the GA1280JS-12.5 cameras, which can be used for high-definition microscope inspection of integrated circuits and MEMs devices.

    Additional products on display in booths 8622/622

    Silicon Ingot Inspection

    The Sensors Unlimited SU640HS camera will be demonstrated imaging through 6 inches of solid silicon ingot, enabling solar cell manufacturers to detect carbon deposits or voids before wasting diamond wire saws by cutting cells that will be defective. Similarly the camera can be used for silicon wafer inspection, cell electroluminescence, microscopy, optical communications waveguide inspection and fiber alignment, moisture detection and uniformity in food, paper and textile manufacturing. The camera meets EU requirements for emissions and is compatible with licensing for export. Visit the UTAS / Sensors Unlimited booth to see how the model can meet your application requirements.

    The most sensitive VGA InGaAs Cameras

    Also being demonstrated will be the Sensors Unlimited SU640HSX, the most sensitive InGaAs camera for pilot or driver vision enhancement, laser detection, wide area surveillance, imaging through low-density fog, dust or smoke, video-rate nano-tube imaging, photoluminescence and weak electroluminescence, and other low- light applications. Providing both analog EIA-170 video and 12-bit digital video out, the camera uses patented image enhancement and automatic gain control algorithms to produce clear usable video over a very wide range of lighting conditions. Developed in 2008, these algorithms have ensured the SU640HSX continues imaging long after competitor’s have packed up their cameras and gone home.

    Ask the UTAS / Sensors Unlimited personnel in the BIOS booth 8622, or in the Photonics West booth 622 which of the Sensors Unlimited cameras can serve your application’s requirements

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