1. Wasatch Photonics launches 1300nm OCT system

    Wasatch Photonics launches 1300nm OCT system

    A new system from optical imaging company Wasatch Photonics could provide greater contrast and deeper sub-surface imaging than competitive techniques, the developer claims. The system could be used in the fields of material inspection and medical diagnosis, including cardiovascular and dermatological research, leading to faster and more accurate analyses. Wasatch Photonics, based in Logan, UT, USA, has developed a spectral-domain optical coherence tomography system in the 1300 nm wavelength range. The Utah-headquartered firm also has locations in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and Purdue Research Park.

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    1. Despite the advantages of fewer moving parts and simpler electronics, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography systems have not been widely employed at 1300nm, mainly due to lack of suitable spectrometers in this range.
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