1. Feature Of The Week 9/29/13: Utilizing MEMs 2-Axis Mirror Scanners in an Endoscopic OCT Probe

    Feature Of The Week 9/29/13: Utilizing MEMs 2-Axis Mirror Scanners in an Endoscopic OCT Probe

    MEMs scanning technology offers many promising features such as low-cost and small size and seem likely to impact commercial OCT probes in the not too distant future. Recently researchers from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, WiO Technology Company, Nanjing Medical University, and University of Florida demonstrated an endoscopic OCT probe based on a 2-axis MEMS mirror. Below is a summary of their recent work.

    A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirror based endoscopic swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system that can perform three-dimensional (3-D) imaging at high speed is reported. The key component enabling 3-D endoscopic imaging is a two-axis MEMS scanning mirror which has a 0.8×0.8  mm2 mirror plate and a 1.6×1.4  mm2 device footprint. The diameter of the endoscopic probe is only 3.5 mm. The imaging rate of the SS-OCT system is 50  frames/s. OCT images of both human suspicious oral leukoplakia tissue and normal buccal mucosa were taken in vivo and compared. The OCT imaging result agrees well with the histopathological analysis.

    For more information see recent Article. Courtesy of Huikai Xie from University of Florida.

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