1. NvisionVLE scans esophageal tissues in real time

    NvisionVLE scans esophageal tissues in real time

    The potential value of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in applications beyond its established presence in ophthalmology has been clear to developers for some time, with significant strides being made in both imaging depth and scan rate. One attractive example is its use in imaging the soft tissues of the gastrointestinal tract and examining pre-cancerous conditions such as Barrett's esophagus, where conventional white light endoscopy suffers from a number of drawbacks. Launched commercially earlier in 2013, the NvisionVLE system from NinePoint Medical allows clinicians to evaluate the esophageal tissue microstructure with OCT during a standard endoscopy procedure. "NinePoint Medical was ...

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    1. NinePoint Medical was founded in 2009 with the aim of identifying and developing a technology that could bring together access, diagnosis and treatment.
    2. Ours is the only device that uses high-speed Fourier-domain OCT and incorporates rotation and pull-back of the optics, scanning 6 cm of the esophagus in 90 seconds.
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