1. Post-doc position at the de la Zerda Lab – Stanford Medical School

    Post-doc position at the de la Zerda Lab – Stanford Medical School

    We have several post-doc positions available for exceptional individuals with backgrounds in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). Starting date is flexible, but preferably during 2013 or early 2014.

    We are a multidisciplinary lab focusing on the development of molecular imaging technologies to study cancer and ophthalmic diseases. Our work spans both basic science and translational medicine applications. For more information about the lab, visit: http://delazerda.stanford.edu

    The post-doc will work hand-in-hand with chemists and biologists, and will have tremendous opportunities to learn new skill sets while applying his/her background in optical imaging. Applicants with prior experience in building OCT systems (phase-sensitive / high-resolution / high speed etc.) or developing new image reconstruction algorithms are particularly encouraged to apply.

    Creativity and passion to solve important problems. Demonstrated experience in either: OCT, design of imaging systems, optical design, broadband light source development, image reconstruction and processing, optical spectroscopy.

    Those interested should contact Prof. de la Zerda at adlz@stanford.edu directly. Please attach a CV and a brief description of research accomplishments and future interests.

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