1. Clinical analysis of macular edema with new software for SD-OCT imaging

    Clinical analysis of macular edema with new software for SD-OCT imaging

    Purpose: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of user-friendly software for the measurement of intraretinal hyporeflective spaces expression of macular edema. Methods: Fifteen consecutive patients with diabetic retinopathy with clinically significant macular edema were examined using conventional spectral domain optical coherence tomography (OCT). A new composite software application, OCT–measurement analysis tool (OCT-MAT), was developed to automatically process and analyze OCT B-scans by means of image acquisition, filtering, and elaboration, together with hyporeflective area recognition and measurement in µm 2 . The same macular areas were measured manually, and then compared to the measurements obtained by the automated OCT-MAT software. A statistical ...

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